Taurus Horoscope 9-30-18

Please read for your sun sign and your rising sign (check out How to Read Your Birth Chart for info on finding out your rising sign).



The Grand Air Trine brings fresh inspiration to your career and finances. Take comfort in your daily routines, pleasant banter with co-workers, and inspired action at work, especially if you get caught up in relationship struggles around merging versus independence.

You’re an Earth sign though and all the zippy, electric energy can grate your nerves. By the end of the week, the energy is much more Earth. We have a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus in Taurus opposing Venus and Mercury. Keep conflicted communications, especially around relationships, practical and real.

Over the Dark Moon weekend, get disciplined about your creative practice – maybe make a vision board – to gain insight into how to quantum leap your relationship with yourself.


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