Interpreting the Moon’s Nodes, Midheaven, Vertex Point, Part of Fortune, and The Great Attractor

Fate is commonly understood as your predetermined future. The word fate comes from the Latin “fatum,” which means “that which is spoken.” In a sense, fate is a spell – words cast with the intent of creating a specific outcome. You could say predetermined or post-determined, since linear time is not an objective reality but rather a theory, a metric, a perspective born of 3-dimensional life on Earth.

If we are co-creating as aspects of a conscious universe, you could even say that fate and free will are the same thing, and it is through the choice of “forgetting” our cosmic oneness – and our fate – upon arrival on Earth that we get to exercise this freedom of will. In other words, it is through free will that we do or do not become masters of our fate.

The purpose of this article is to explore the following markers of fate in an astrology chart:

  • The Moon’s Nodes
  • The Midheaven
  • Vertex Point
  • Part of Fortune
  • The Great Attractor

We’ll discuss the origin and relevance of each of these elements, as well as how to locate them in the astrology chart.

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