Aspects in Astrology

How to Interpret the Aspects: Conjunction, Semisextile, Sextile, Square, Trine, Quincunx, and Opposition

If you’ve ever looked at an astrology chart, you’ve noticed that it consists of a circle with lines connecting the various glyphs. These lines are called aspects. In this post we’ll discuss what aspects mean symbolically and how to apply their wisdom to your soul’s evolution.

Aspects in AstrologyAspects are technically angles describing the location of planets and other elements in the twelve sections, by zodiac or house, of the chart relative to each other. We’ll focus on planets throughout this post for simplicity’s sake, but just keep in mind that anything on the chart can aspect another, from planets, asteroids, or special angles like the Vertex point.

(If you’re already lost, you can review our posts Astrology 101 and How to Read Your Birth Chart to get up to speed.)

Just like two people can experience a relationship with each other that ranges from harmony to discord, planets relate to each other along the exact same spectrum. Each aspect symbolizes a stage in the evolution of relationships between the various elements of your chart.

Aspects start with the conjunction, meaning that the planets are in the same sign or house and symbolize unity, and progress all the way to the opposition, meaning the planets are six signs apart, on opposite sides of the chart, representing polarity and balance.

Aspects are described as “soft” and “hard” depending on the quality they represent, and aspects alternate from soft to hard before culminating in the opposition.

Here are seven important aspects in astrology and what each represents:

Conjunct (Same sign): Union
Semisextile (1 sign apart): Growing Pains
Sextile (2 signs apart): Ease
Square (3 signs apart): Tension
Trine (4 signs apart): Harmony
Quincunx (5 signs apart): Discord
Opposite (6 signs apart): Balance

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