What are Self-Affirmations?

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help you manifest changes in your life, increase confidence and discover your inner-power. These positive statements can counteract some of our self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts which prevent us from living to our fullest potential.

When you verbally state, or write down your positive affirmations, you are sending a message to yourself and the Universe that you are ready for an influx of light in your life.  And when you send positive messages to yourself instead of negative ones, you will continue to enter higher and higher states of being, attracting more and more positive outcomes.

Learn more about self-affirmations, their benefits and how to incorporate them into your life below…

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trying to manifest
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Working with the law of attraction can be a very fun yet challenging thing. Many people start off working with “The Law” with enthusiasm and optimism, but many of us eventually fall into a slump of frustration and doubt. Although these challenging moments can be discouraging, I think that they’re sometimes necessary in order to become better at manifesting.

Some days ago a close friend and I were having a chat about manifesting and I noticed that he seemed frustrated by his lack of success.

He approached the concept of manifesting with doubt, but he still experimented with certain exercises just to see if something could come out of it. I also noticed that any time he would try to manifest something, he would regularly think about how it would materialize in his life, almost to an obsessive extent.

The interesting thing about my friend is that he was successful at manifesting a few things when he first started, but further a long the road, he began having less and less success.

After our talk, I suddenly felt  inspired and decided to put together a list of tips to help my friend with his manifesting predicament. As time went on, I wondered “Why keep this list a secret? Why not share it with the world?”

With that said, join me as we go over some of the biggest “dont’s”of manifesting.

what not to do when trying to manifestDoubting Yourself

The number one thing that sabotages our manifesting is doubt. Think of yourself as a radio station and doubt being a strong wave of static interfering with your radio program.

You might be wondering “how can I avoid feeling something that I naturally feel when I’m trying something new?”

It’s a challenging habit to let go of, but the best way to get rid of doubt is by developing trust in the law of attraction.

Start off by trying to manifest simple things that don’t demand too much spiritual energy on your end. For example, manifesting situations like bumping into a friend on the streets, hearing an old song on the radio or finding a lost object. Take your time with this process and once you’ve seen that you can manifest small things, gradually move on to more challenging things. Emphasis on the word gradually.

You will see that after a few successful tries, your trust in the law of attraction will strengthen and doubt will go right out the window.


After meditating on what you’re trying to manifest, it’s important  not to dwell on what you’ve just done. Go about your daily tasks and bury yourself in your daily routine.

Although it’s excellent to do manifestation exercises at select hours of the day to give it more power, it’s not a good idea to spend the entire day obsessing about what you’re trying to accomplish. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why people fail to manifest effectively.

If you feel your mind wandering to the situation you’re trying to manifest, try shifting your attention to your breath for a few moments. Imagine that you’re breathing in white light for a count of 6 seconds and exhaling dark or grey smoke for another count of 6 seconds. Try to do this for 2-3 minutes and it will help you easily transition your thoughts to a different subject.

You can also try grounding your thoughts to more mundane affairs. In other words, meet up with a friend or text/call them and help them out with any personal issues they’re having. You can also distract your mind with more superficial forms of entertainment and watch comedy specials, reality TV, or anything that is not so profound or high vibe.

Sometimes the best way to stop thinking about our spiritual work is to take a break and step into the third dimensional reality.

Telling Others About What You’re Trying to Manifest

When we’re trying to manifest, we establish an energetic pathway into the universe. In order for the universe to understand what we want in our reality, this pathway needs to remain clear.

With that said, many of us tend to tell our friends about what we’re trying to manifest and then their thoughts or opinions interfere with our spiritual work.

We should also be careful about who we discuss these things with because we don’t always know people’s true intentions. In other words, any ounce of jealousy or envy that a friend of ours might feel will affect what we’re doing.

In a nut shell, keep whatever you’re trying to manifest a secret at all times.

Focusing on The Negatives

The number one thing we have to remember before trying to manifest something is that the universe doesn’t understand negatives. Unfortunately, if your intention focuses on a phrase like “I don’t want possessive or jealous partners” the universe will not see the “don’t” in your message.

Instead, try to focus on what you do want more than what you don’t want. Using the previous example, you could instead say “I am attracting partners who are comfortable giving me freedom and feel secure being with me.”

Get creative with your intentions and remember that a positive mindset will make things come your way much quicker.

Using the Future Tense

Another thing that the universe does not understand is linear time. The past, present, and future are human concepts and when we try to relate those to the law of attraction, thing tend to get complicated.

To provide more insight into why time is so important when manifesting, outside our physical bodies it is said that everything is happening simultaneously. The past, present, and future are happening all at once, but from a human perspective, our brains separate things into a linear fashion.

By using the word “will” in an affirmation, we will end up confusing the universe and then nothing will get done. Instead, always use the present tense and for extra points, play a game with your mind and pretend that what you want to manifest has already come to you.

A Final Tip

They say that children are excellent at manifesting due to their playfulness, innocence, and an outlook on life where anything is possible.

If we want to manifest something, we need to get in touch with our inner child and remember how it feels to be a kid again. Approach your manifesting the same way a child would and believe that anything is possible. Get in touch with that sense of wonder that you once had and allow yourself to believe that there’s magic in everything. By doing this you will give your manifesting work an extra boost of energy and you will help the universe bring results your way in no time.


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This post contains some affiliate links, which means we may get paid a commission on sales of those products. Dreaming Souls is a labor of love and we do this solely to support the cost of running the site.

Those of us who astral project or have had out of body experiences have most likely noticed that the universe works in a very particular way. By this I mean that when we leave our physical bodies, we experience a phenomenon where our thoughts have an immediate influence on our surroundings.

While traveling outside of our bodies, simply thinking about a location will take us there. Feeling emotions such as excitement or wonder will automatically distort your reality to make it more pleasing. On the other hand, getting swept away by fear will make your experience extremely unpleasant too.

The reason why I bring up the topic of astral projection is because the same laws that apply to us when we’re flying around in spirit form, affect us when we’re in our physical bodies. The only difference is that our third dimensional laws and concepts of linear time tend to delay things a bit more.

There is a universal law of “like attracts like.” Some people may refer to it as “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret” but for the sake of this article, I will avoid these popularized terms and simply refer to it as “The Universal law.”

The Universal Law is the reason why we experience both positive and negative situations in our lives. Don’t be fooled into believing that this is a magical concept based off of superstition. The well known Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto has proven that negative and positive emotions can influence the structure of water molecules. The Quantum Double Slit Experiment and Princeton’s Intention and Desire Experiment are two very fascinating experiments you can look into if you’re interested in the science behind this law.

Try This Simple Exercise

Setting aside the technicalities behind this law, I’d like you to do a simple exercise. In order to prove to yourself that your thoughts influence your reality try this simple activity for one week:

  • For 7 days, set aside 15 minutes of your day to do a simple visualization exercise.
  • During this daily exercise, think about something that you don’t see on a daily basis, preferably something that will have a neutral effect on your reality.
  • Let’s say we work with the image of a clown. What you want to do is set aside some time to meditate and visualize a clown. Picture how the he is dressed as specifically as possible and visualize the color of his wig and outfit. Imagine him to the the best of your ability and fully establish the image in your mind.
  • You can even imagine the clown out in public doing mundane activities. Feel free to get creative, but the point here is that you do this visualization every day.
  • After each visualization, go about your day and try not to think too much about clowns. Focus on your usual routine and continue with your daily tasks as usual.

After a few days, don’t be surprised if you start seeing social media posts advertising children’s parties (with clowns),  movies on television with a clown theme, or if you suddenly see a clown handing out fliers at your neighborhood supermarket don’t be startled and think you’ve attained magical powers. Instead, realize that you’ve always had the ability and you’re simply reclaiming it.

In a nutshell, we attract situations, people, and opportunities simply by directing our energy to them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this can also go against us because even our negative thoughts have the same exact influence on your reality.

If you want to manifest a specific situation into your life, read on and I will provide you with some simple techniques to manifest the reality you most desire.

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