Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides in our life. The difference is between those that connect to their guides and those that do not. Fortunately, it is not too late to start making this vital life connection.

In order to start experiencing and learning from your guide, you will need to connect with them and get their help. The process to do this is actually very simple. All it takes is some effort and focused concentration. Before you know it, you will grow in your understanding of the spirit world and all that they aim to do for you and the universe.

If you are ready to invite your guides into your life, follow these simple steps.

Connect with Spirit GuidesStep 1: Start Asking

It may sound too simple, but one of the easiest ways to connect to your spirit guide is simply by asking. It is so easy to forget about our connections when life gets hectic. Then, we start to rely on ourselves which can be very dangerous.

The only way to combat this is to start getting in the habit of asking your guides for help. Start now by thinking of everything that you need help with. This should be enough motivation for you to get in the habit to ask your spirit guides for help.

Step 2: Listen Closely

If you are going to ask for help, then you will want to listen to the answers that are given. The best way to do this is through meditation. Why is this the best way?

Meditation requires you to slow down and quiet your mind and heart. This makes it easier for you to listen and focus on what the angels are saying to you. Now you will be able to gain all the wisdom that is necessary to make your life great.

Step 3: Write it Down

Once you have asked and taken time to be still and listen, you will want to grab your journal and get ready to write. What do you write?

There is nothing specific that you have to write down, just write from the heart. If you receive help from the spirit guides, then write them a thank you note. Or, if you are waiting for a response then just write what you think they are trying to say.

This is a great record to keep so that you can always remind yourself of the goodness of your spiritual team.

Step 4: Request a Sign

Your guides want to make you aware of their presence in your life. Don’t be afraid to play with them. This will make it more fun for you and for your guides.

The next step is to just wait and watch. Before long, you will start noticing different things that will seem like random happenings. However, it is most likely your spirit guides letting you know that they are there with you.

This should assure you that your spirit guides really are there for you and care about you in their own unique ways.

Step 5: Pay Attention

If you are going to ask for help from the spirit guides, then you will certainly want to keep your eyes open. You really do not want to miss the ways that they show you that they are listening to you.

It is an amazing experience to actually witness the spirit guides coming through for you. You are bound to feel beautiful and loved.

Your spirit guides can show up in numerous ways. They may present themselves quietly and calmly, or they may show up in obvious and loud ways. The possibilities are endless.

Step 6: Stay Thankful

It is essential that you show your gratitude to your guides. No one likes only to be called on when they are needed and then not thanked for it. Your spirit guides are the exact same way.

By being appreciative you can keep your connection with the spirit guides strong. This will help keep your guides with you at all times. They will thrive off of your energy and gratitude.

Also, your thankfulness will keep your heart open to the help of the guides. This is the best and only way to make sure that your connection remains strong and beautiful.

Step 7: Trust in Something Bigger than Yourself

Your spirit guides know more than you do and have a plan better than you can imagine. They care about you and want to help give you everything that you need to succeed and be happy.

In order to really experience this, you will have to fully surrender. Trust your guides to give you something that is much bigger than yourself. You will need to do this step before you fully see what your spirit guides are capable of.

Just let go and trust your spirit guides to take care of the rest.

Step 8: Have Childlike Faith

Children have an easier time connecting with their spirit guides. This is because they have such great childlike faith. That is why it is important to stay as connected with your inner child as possible.

The best way to bring out your inner child is by doing the things that bring you joy and life. This will draw in the presence of your guides giving you the chance to better connect with them.

Your spirit guides thrive on the enjoyment that you get out of life. Bringing out your inner child is a great way to better connect with them.

Step 9: Trust Yourself

It is crucial that you believe in yourself when it comes to connecting with your spirit guides. The more that you trust yourself, the better you will be able to connect to your guides and hear from them.

Being able to connect to your guides is a gift that should be enjoyed and taken seriously. Allow yourself to reach out to the spirit guides and trust in your ability to connect to them. You and the universe deserve this kind of connection.


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