Horoscopes for the Week of October 7, 2018

Horoscopes October 2018

The Astro Landscape:

This week belongs to Venus, who just retreated into her 40 day retrograde trip through Scorpio and Libra. The Dark Moon is the perfect time to settle into this new Venusian groove as we approach the New Moon in Libra. On the 10th, Venus squares Mars, and on the 11th we gain fresh perspective with the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Venus’s Scorpionic lair.

Oct. 6: Venus Retrograde

Oct. 7: Dark Moon

Oct. 8/9: New Moon in Libra

Oct. 10: Venus in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius

Oct. 11/12: Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio

Venus Retrograde

Venus rules love, beauty, and abundance – specifically the kind that you magnetize, rather than going out to pursue, which is ruled by Mars.

As she backtracks through Scorpio, we examine where we have gone too far in her name. Are your emotional investments giving to you as much as you put into them?

Stay tuned for an upcoming post dedicated just to the meaning of Venus Retrograde and how she’ll guide you for the rest of the year, sign by sign.

Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is the period of a few days before a New Moon. As the light of the moon wanes, our own energies wane along with it.

Get extra rest, stay hydrated, and steer clear of anyone who is resisting the yin vibe by acting out.

The Dark Moon lasts until Monday or Tuesday, depending on where you are in the world, when we have a beautiful…

Libra New Moon

As close as possible to the exact time or just after the New Moon, clear space for a ritual. Affirm to Venus what you are calling into your life regarding attraction, love, beauty (inner and outer), creativity and money.

My favorite formula for intention-setting is the following:

I’m thankful for + [desired feeling] + [(optional) the physical manifestation]

Speaking & writing the words “I’m thankful for” brings your mind & body in alignment with the energy of fulfillment. Check your horoscopes below for examples – each one comes with a unique New Moon affirmation prompt.

Relish your gratitude and your desires this New Moon, and look to the events of the following 72 hours for hints of what you can expect in the next few weeks of Venus Retrograde.

Venus Square Mars

This square creates conflict or creative tension between Venus and Mars. Expect anything from tension in a relationship to forced growth around what you want versus how you attain it.

Regardless of relationship status, this aspect might manifest as opening up emotionally through sexual exploration or healing attachment wounds.

It’s also a powerful time to channel insights from shadow work into creating new relationship paradigms, with implications for individuals, partnerships and society at large.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

On the 11th or 12th, depending on your timezone, the moon enters Scorpio and conjoins Jupiter. This brings levity to any heavy feelings dredged up as Venus stations retrograde. Use the wide-angle lens to gain insight into your own emotional origin stories.

Please read for your sun sign and your rising sign (check out How to Read Your Birth Chart for info on finding out your rising sign).


Be radically honest with yourself and give yourself a break. It’s time to tell a new story around your emotional reality, and it starts by forgiving yourself for being gripped by the past.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for my ever-growing ability to perceive the depths of my beauty with crystal clarity.


Release karmic guilt or self-imposed limitations around how you express your most powerful emotions. How? Actually enjoy the mystery that arises between desiring and having, when your anticipation is building and anything can happen next.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for the intensity of my passion, my truest internal compass.


You tend to take care of everything on your own, but right now, you need support in order to keep growing. Level up your modus operandi by initiating inspired dialogues within your community.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for friendships that reflect, uplift, and keep up with the growth of my highest self.


 When it comes to a cherished goal, speak, write, and vision board it into existence. Imagine your childhood self – share with them how far you’ve come, speaking in the unique love language you needed to hear back then.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for the healthy boundaries in my life that create the safe space I need to express myself fully.


If you’re juggling a work expansion but craving adventure, remember you can always expand your horizons from home. A learning bender generates the zest you and your relationships need.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for an intuitive radar so finely wired that I easily make the right moves without always knowing why.


Whether it’s a conversation with a loved one or with your own higher self, now is the time to share the truth in your heart. Especially around emotional labor allocation and the resources you need.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for the beauty and power of my ancestors completely distilled into my current form.


Expect an important conversation or negotiation with a romantic or business partner. Magical realism, solo mysticism, and asking for feedback from loved ones are all power moves this week.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for mutually supportive relationships with those who honor and adore my independence.


You may gain sudden insight into your current work-love balance (or lack thereof). Work out complex emotions and regain perspective through some kind of grounding physical or ritualistic activity.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for healthy habits that cultivate the peace and stability of my personal sphere.


If you’ve been waiting for a sign to initiate a big project, this New Moon is it. Wait till December to release it with the world, but set the foundation and intention now.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for the infinite creative ways I can love myself via regular self-care.


This is a great week to nest, creatively beautify and reorganize your home sanctuary as a way to process emotions and realizations to do with your roots. Sensual pleasures are healing.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for the humor and wisdom my intimate relationships bring me.


If you’ve been energetically over-investing in a relationship or work, this New Moon is the messenger. Enjoy quiet R&R at home or with family later in the week – it will give you emotional perspective.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for my bright and well ancestors and chosen family.


A high pressure situation requires your integrity and fast problem-solving skills. Blow off steam and regain perspective by revolutionizing your health and wellness paradigm.

New Moon ritual prompt: I am thankful for co-creative relationships where I can express my most nuanced and vulnerable truths.

That’s all for this week. Make sure to subscribe to receive your weekly horoscopes in your inbox! Happy Venus Retrograde and New Moon everyone.


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