Horoscopes for the Week of October 28, 2018

Horoscopes for the Week of October 28, 2018

It’s a progressive vibe this week, with a Mystic Rectangle followed by Venus’s reversal into Libra and opposition to Taurus, Mercury entering the shadow zone of its Retrograde, and ending with a square between Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn.

Oct. 28/29: Mystic Rectangle

Oct. 31: Venus reverses into Libra, Venus opposite Uranus

Nov. 1: Mercury Retrograde shadow zone

Nov. 2: Venus square Pluto

Mystic Rectangle

The week starts with a 4-planet aspect pattern known as a Mystic Rectangle. It consists of Saturn trine Uranus which is sextile the Moon, which is in a trine to Venus conjunct the Sun, all in Water and Earth signs.

Water and Earth brings flow and fertility. It can also create mud.

The Mystic Rectangle brings a lot of movement, drive and stamina to our endeavors, so long as we don’t throw the energy off balance by digging our heels in the mud or succumbing to stubbornness or paranoia. Stay results-oriented, in tune with your emotional reality, and keep your wide-angle vision in mind for best results.

Venus Reverses into Libra

Venus is still retrograde, and on Halloween she moves from Scorpio back into Libra. In Scorpio we’ve been deep-diving into our most intense emotions and attachments and encountering where we are willing to go to extremes – even to the point of destruction – for what and who we love. In Libra, we do the work to rebalance our own relationship to love, money, and attraction.

Contrary to popular belief, Libra isn’t necessarily an inherently “balanced” sign. Librans in practice may have a tendency to swing from one extreme to another, requiring balance themselves. Their soul purpose can be exploring the meaning of balance – and learning to embody it.

Balance is achieved through mastering the nature of both yin and yang: action and inaction, creation and destruction.

Yet in our action- and productivity-oriented culture, it is easy to get addicted to being in go mode all the time. One manifestation of overly “yang” expressions of Venus is going into debt –  spiritually, emotionally, or financially – trying to maintain the illusion of control. Of being perfect. Of having it all together.

So during this Libran phase of Venus Retrograde, ask yourself: Does yang come more easily to you than yin? Is it easier for you to go in hot pursuit – even if all signs point to no – because the activity gives you the illusion of control? Is it time to release excesses, dysfunctional habits, or even declare energetic bankruptcy and if so, how does that actually play out in your daily life?

Make sure to read What Is The Meaning of Venus Retrograde for more details on how to thrive during this year’s Venusian backspin.

Venus Opposite Uranus

The same day that Venus reverses into Libra, she forms an opposition to Uranus in Taurus.

This is a great period for re-foundationing your value system and considering how to revolutionize your relationship with the Taurus themes of your own body, personal space, and belongings.

For example if you have a mountain of debt or a storage unit filled to the brim with stuff you don’t use anymore, channel Venus opposite Uranus to set a stick of dynamite in that block of stagnant energy and let her rip.

If you’re feeling bored or uninspired by your daily eating habits, go to a grocery store and figure out what foods you’re actually attracted to and use these cues as guidance for what kind of changes you can make on the culinary front.

If you’ve been putting in long hours over a computer to try to make that money, get outside and give your body some energizing new experiences. Show yourself – in your own love language-  that you are committed to loving your True Self too much to let your self-worth be defined by the artificial computer systems that rule our collective financial accounts.

Money is just an energy. And abundance is more than money. Apply a metaphysical lens to the meaning of money in your life.

Listen to what your soul, body and bank account are practically shouting at you and start making changes. If you’ve been ignoring your bodily wisdom, it will be impossible not to heed the call with this transit – a planet in opposition to Uranus is not subtle. Go with the flow of it and expect big results!

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Zone

We officially enter the shadow zone of Mercury Retrograde on the 1st. We’ll cover more of Mercury Retrograde protocol in next week’s post, but for now, here’s how to prepare:

Back up your data as soon as possible. Try to postpone any major purchases, especially of the tech and automotive variety, till after the Retrograde period. Change your passwords.

Get your transportation issues squared away – subway card filled, car oil changed, the bike tuned up. Book a nice fat cushion of time between appointments. If you absolutely have to sign any contracts during the Retrograde, make sure to read the fine print first.

And remember, as the inimitable Mystic Medusa always says during Mercury Retrograde, delays work in your favor.

Mercury Retrograde is not the demonic entity pop culture astrology can make it out to be. It is when we learn how to relinquish control over those aspects of our lives that have us running around trying to act like little productivity machines when we are, in fact, only human – multidimensional energy bodies in 3D form. This retrograde is a time for reconnecting with the Cosmic Flow and embracing the magical realism that Mercury rules.

Nov. 1: Mercury Retrograde shadow zone starts

Nov. 16: Mercury goes retrograde at 29° Sagittarius

Dec. 6: Mercury stations direct at 27° Scorpio

Dec. 24: Mercury Retrograde shadow period ends

Venus Square Pluto

When Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn on the 2nd for the entire month of November, expect to unearth some deep wisdom regarding power dynamics in your relationships – including your own relationship to yourself, to society, money, and your belongings.

Do you feel disempowered financially? Do you give your power away in relationships? Do you give your belongings – or the pursuit of material things – more power than they are worth? On the flip side, is it time to collect on the debts that are owed you? This may play out politically as well, in conversations around wealth distribution, abuses of power, national debts, and reparations.

Pluto rules the underworld, and underground riches. How do you replenish your stores of personal power? When we avoid our own depths – our repressed pain, our secret suffering – we miss the gems that lay hidden there as well.

These gems of your soul are waiting for you to excavate them – and in the coming weeks, ready or not (you are), Pluto will be suiting you up for your own personal spelunking/gold mining mission. We’ll explore these themes more in the coming weeks.


Please read for your sun sign and your rising sign (check out How to Read Your Birth Chart for info on finding out your rising sign).


The week starts out with a harmonious and stabilizing array of planets that can bring healing conversations around your most important relationships and where you want to go next. You’re entering a period of healing, closure, and release of ancient heart wounds. The only way out is straight through, so dive in and trust the process – and yourself.


No way around it: Mercury squares Mars, bringing communication clashes. Mercury is in your 12th house, making any messages trying to come through difficult to understand clearly – it’ll be very easy to project and blame others. Take a good hard look at yourself first before choosing to speak. The upside is if you focus on the love underlying your strong reactions, any confrontations will lead to growth and deeper bonding.


Everything you’ve been planning for the new era of your life is finally starting to feel real this week. The planets are very supportive of your creative flow. The only sticking point can be the Moon in your relationship house, stirring up some deep feels regarding how you maintain your own identity in the midst of commitment. Remember that consent is a spiritual law, not just a sexual one: your guides want to help you, but first you have to ask and allow.


Things feel aligned in the work-life balanced front – don’t throw it off by overly focusing on a weird communique or confrontation at work. Exchange the facts, acknowledge and process the root feelings involved, and keep it moving. If you can remain diplomatic, it will start to resolve itself by the end of the week. Consider what your early parental figures taught you about love for a flash of helpful insight.


The beginning of the week is playful and fun, as a Grand Water Trine stimulates your creativity and has you visualizing where you want to go next. Chiron is still retrograde in your sign until December, providing deep and possibly painful healing opportunities especially regarding your identity and purpose. Late in the weekend, raw or vulnerable emotions around a relationship offers a clue as to what Chiron may be trying to help you heal.


You’re enjoying some productive strides on the work-life-money front, especially if you can make time to tune into your subconscious or a spiritual practice. If something trips up your daily routine, even something as mundane as a head cold, feel whatever you need to feel but remember to find meaning in the madness. What is your Higher Self trying to tell you through this situation?


Your week starts off strong, especially where relationships and conversations about the future are involved. If anything is likely to give you a headache, it’s figuring out how to manage your work life with romance. Don’t dig your heels in! Get in touch with the emotional reality – yours and others’ – of the situation and be proactively vulnerable.


You’re making steady gains in the work-money realm. Your daily routine feels flowing and guided by synchronicity. If you get triggered around financial or security concerns, extend some compassion to yourself! Making progress will inevitably bring up fear of the unknown, or bring up expired fears for processing. Breathe through them – you’re clearing space for a new financial paradigm and deepening (possibly romantic) commitment.


If you find yourself swimming in feelings, seek community – healthy attention from friends, lovers, and children is grounding and nourishing to you, especially early in the week. A friend dynamic can bring up some old childhood patterns. Are you recreating dysfunctional “origin family” patterns within your adult “chosen family” relationships? How can you create a new paradigm of familial support in a way that best aligns with your modern value system?


Enjoy some quiet time at home early in the week to help process some subconscious emotions that want to surface. A relationship spat is a wake up call to examine any expired beliefs inherited from childhood. What are you ready to release? An odd possibility: disempowering joint, tooth, or mobility issues carry a potent message about a change you need to make in your work life.


 The week starts with a beautiful Grand Water Trine involving your friends and your relationship houses. Expect flowing conversation and inspired connections. A health obstacle bears an important message that you cannot ignore. The Venus-Uranus opposition brings in some forced innovation around how you make your money. You may feel vulnerable or afraid but take a concrete proactive step anyway!


Venus steps out of your financial realm and into your own sign – what have you learned about your own values and relationship to money in the last few weeks, and how will these lessons inform how you take better care of yourself? Re-organize your daily routines around upholding the best possible self-care, in prep for Uranus’s reversal into your relationship house next week. Self-care is more than bubblebaths and face masks. It’s about loving yourself in all aspects, including your demons, shadow self, and inner child.

That’s all for this week. Make sure to subscribe to receive your weekly horoscopes in your inbox! Have a beautiful week everyone.


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