Horoscopes for the Week of October 21, 2018

Horoscopes for the Week of October 21, 2018

Welcome to Scorpio Season!

This week we enter Scorpio season, enjoy a sensual Full Moon in Taurus, followed by a beautiful heart-opening conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.

Oct. 22: Last day of Libra season

Oct. 23: Beginning of Scorpio season

Oct. 24/25: Full Moon in Taurus

Oct. 26: Sun conjunct Venus

Happy Scorpio Season!

On the 22nd we close Libra season, the sign of partnership, balance, and harmony. The spotlight moves from our collective relationship realm into the depths of Scorpio.

This month’s vibe is all about merging, power dynamics, emotional intensity – and discord. What are you obsessed with, even on a subconscious level? It’s the perfect time to dive into the compulsions that drive you.

Taurus Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon is in Taurus, the complement to Scorpio. These two signs rule the spectrum of personal belongings versus shared resources, respectively. Taurus also rules the physical body, while Scorpio rules death and the unknown.

And with this Full Moon opposing the Sun in Scorpio, we can expect a flashpoint around our subconscious beliefs regarding our values, our belongings, our sense of self-preservation – and what we need to release in order to make space for the new, in all senses of the word.

A perfect ritual for a Full Moon is to write down everything you are ready to release on a piece of paper, burn the paper, and scatter the ashes. Consider the following affirmations for this Taurus Full Moon:

I release all obstacles that block my awareness of how I really feel, even if the depth of it frightens or bewilders me.

 I release ingrained patterns from ancestors and parental and authority figures that no longer serve my soul’s growth.

 I release all self-limiting beliefs around what I deserve.


Sun Conjunct Venus

We close the week with a beautiful conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Scorpio bringing light to our emotions, our most emotionally charged relationships, and creative mojo. The 26th is a great day to go on a date or dive into a creative project. Watch out for vanity, laziness, or overspending. All forms of self-love and self-care are excellent today.

Mercury Retrograde Prep:

This is our last week before we enter the Mercury Retrograde shadow period. Take care of as much business now as possible. Sign your contracts, buy your tech upgrades and other expensive purchases, and back up your data definitely before November 16th and ideally before the shadowzone starts on November 1st.

Nov. 1: Mercury Retrograde shadow period starts

Nov. 16: Mercury goes retrograde at 29° Sagittarius

Dec. 6: Mercury stations direct at 27° Scorpio

Dec. 24: Mercury Retrograde shadow period ends


Please read for your sun sign and your rising sign (check out How to Read Your Birth Chart for info on finding out your rising sign).


If you’re due for a big talk around money, your values, or any secrets surrounding these topics, this week is the perfect time. It might feel vulnerable but the raw energy that gets released via this conversation will be especially beneficial for your career or sense of authority in the world.


The Taurus Full Moon brings a simmering tensions around a relationship scenario to a boil. Don’t try to be flippant or play yourself down in any important conversations this week – get grounded, keep it real, and shine your light.


The Full Moon brings a consciousness-expanding memo from your guides this week, and it’s most likely to hit while you’re in the flow of your routine – commuting to work, in the shower, cooking dinner. Stay ultra lucid and pencil in some freeform playtime at home to help download the message.


This is a great week to work hard, play hard, hit the town with friends, and get indulgent. Or go all in on a creative project, enjoy slow, lavish meals, have a spa night, or book some bodywork. Decide on your boundaries and budget in advance and stick to it, especially where friends are involved.


Be the adult you needed when you were younger this week. For guidance on any power struggles at work, or tricky work-life balance issues, think back to authority figures of your formative years. Whose energies are you ready to release? Hint: if you need permission to have more fun, give it to yourself.


Nurture your time-tested friendships this week, ideally entertaining at home. A super healthy and grounded friendship might be an unexpected source of inspiration for a career dilemma. If you’ve been trying to solve a mystery, this Full Moon provides a not-so-subtle hint.


If there’s an imbalance in what you’re investing financially or emotionally versus what you get back, you know it this week. And you gain insight into where you learned the pattern to begin with. Stay lucid and flexible in all of your conversations to help right the scales.


Scorpio season shines a spotlight on your beliefs surrounding love and what you feel you deserve. Sort your belongings and give away anything you don’t totally love, don’t need, or holds the energies of expired relationships. The Full Moon reminds you of what you’re truly worth.


The entire next month is a great time for you to assess what aspects of your lifestyle to invest in and expand versus which habits and routines are just draining your life force. The Full Moon lights up a corner of your psyche that contains a sudden jolt of insight into what direction to go towards.


Venus Retrograde is the perfect time for you to reconnect with your creative mojo. And the Full Moon this week highlights your friendships and social circles – are they in alignment with your most creatively fulfilled lifestyle? The answers may come via a mind-expanding dream or waking-life dialogue.


Tensions between home and work have been simmering for weeks, and the Full Moon marks a turning point. Stay steady through a stoic commitment to your healthiest routines. Apply a metaphysical lens to your finances and love life – in what ways do they reflect each other?


The Full Moon is a harbinger of consciousness-expanding communications. If you’re feeling restless on the home front but unable to break free in the near future, try vision boarding your next vacation. Expect a victory or lucky surprise at work by the weekend.

That’s all for this week. Make sure to subscribe to receive your weekly horoscopes in your inbox! Happy Full Moon everyone.

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