Horoscopes for the Week of October 14, 2018

Horoscopes October 2018

The Astro Landscape

This week starts off with a slow simmer, building toward a t-square over the weekend with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in opposition to Taurus, both square the North Node in Leo.

For context, Mercury went into Scorpio on October 9th, conjunct Venus and in an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. The opposition was exact on October 10th but the energy is still active this week. Scorpio and Taurus are both prone to stubbornly holding onto the energy of a conflict long after it’s served its purpose. Speak your heart but mind your words.

We’re still deep in the Venusian vibe, a week into Venus Retrograde with the Sun still in Libra, ruled by Venus. We have Uranus in Taurus, the other sign ruled by Venus, opposing both the Sun and Venus. Make sure to brush up on the meaning of Venus Retrograde, which will hit Libra on October 31st and remain there till November 15th.

Which brings us to this week:

Oct. 15: Moon conjunct Saturn trine Uranus

Oct. 18: Moon conjunct Mars-Lilith square Mercury & Venus

Oct. 20: Sun-Venus-Mercury opposite Uranus square North Node

The Moon moves through Sagittarius to Pisces over the course of the week, starting with a conjunction to Saturn trine Uranus. This brings a welcome sense of stability and resolve regarding any big changes occurring in whatever area of your life is occupied by Uranus.

Uranus is still retrograde in Taurus and preparing to move back into Aries on November 6th before going direct next January 6th. This retrograde is all about revolutionizing your relationship to your physical self – namely your body and your belongings. For example, since Uranus went retrograde in May, I’ve completely leveled up my diet and physical lifestyle.

The emotional grounding we receive with the Moon-Saturn alliance will serve us well as the week progresses toward a Sun/Venus t-square to Uranus and the North Node.

On the 18th, the Moon conjuncts Mars and Lilith in Aquarius, which square Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. If you need to have a  heart to heart or take a fierce stance regarding attachment issues that are being brought to light this Venus Retrograde, today’s the day.

By the end of the week, Venus in Scorpio, to be conjoined by the Sun on the 26th, squares the North Node, forming the t-square with Uranus.

If you’ve been avoiding accepting the lessons of your Venus Retrograde trip, expect to be pushed into the ring anytime from this week till Halloween to face your demons, skeletons, and ghosts squarely. But remember they are not your enemies, but fragmented aspects of your own self. These shadow selves don’t need to be fought or destroyed – they need to be loved.


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Please read for your sun sign and your rising sign (check out How to Read Your Birth Chart for info on finding out your rising sign).


Your home or family life provide a welcome sense of inspiration, security and comfort early in the week, a welcome reprieve from growing pains regarding shared finances or intimacy issues. Maintain clear boundaries between friends and money for the rest of the month.


You can feel withdrawn or tired as the Sun gears up to enter your sign. It may be time for a heart to heart, maybe regarding inner child wounds relating to a father figure. Breathing through the vulnerability leads to a breakthrough for a career-relationship sticking point.


The Moon is in your sign at the beginning of the week, creating a sense of expansion and possibly new sources of income. Starting this weekend through the rest of the month, expect big shifts, growth, and closure regarding your social sphere and lifestyle.


You’re evolving your friendships, and the Moon in your sign early this week gives you the emotional awareness to express your boundaries firmly and with love. The weekend marks the beginning of a shift in how you allocate your energies between playtime and work. Err on the side of authenticity.


You’re firing on all cylinders at work and making big changes in your home life. A flashpoint with a lover – or lack thereof – leads to surprise healing of your beliefs about money or your own worth. Get all electronics out of your bedroom for good luck.


The week begins with a healing opportunity regarding boundary issues with friends or in your social sphere. Your ruler Neptune (superpowered in your sign till 2025) trine Mercury and Venus helps you articulate – at least to yourself – your highest vision for how you want to grow in your love relationships.


The week starts with a helpful sense of emotional grounding regarding how you want to revolutionize your work-money matrix. Discussing shared finances with a lover feels sexy, spiritual, or both. Expect a flash of insight regarding how to optimize your money, home life, and daily routines.


Your guiding philosophies have dramatically shifted since this time last year. It may be time to update the Terms of Service in all of your relationships accordingly. Get ahead of any weekend time crunches by optimizing your personal routines and getting your home organized as early in the week as possible.


Any power struggles this week may stem from subconscious needs simmering beneath the surface. Journal, see a therapist, or head to the gym before diving headlong into a confrontation. The weekend brings clarity. Authenticity and vulnerability pave the way to intimacy.


Pair-bonded Cancers enjoy emotional stability in relationships early in the week, creating a safe space in which to dive into a vulnerable conversation later on. Single Cancers may meet romantic candidates especially via playtime. You may need to stand up to – or for – a friend about something you believe in.


There’s a tension brewing in your relationship zone, possibly around investing so much energy into your work. Any dysfunctional love patterns inherited from your family are coming up for healing now. Appeal to your most empowered and rebellious feminine ancestor for insight and guidance.


Consistently tending to your creative practice leads to an expansive new concept that could help you grow your nest egg in the long run. But first you may face a test over the weekend – how committed are you to honoring your own vision?

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Have a beautiful week everyone.

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