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Tarot Spirit Guides
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When most people hear the word “tarot” they think of fortune tellers making predictions behind crystal balls.

Although the tarot is an excellent divination tool, did you know that it can be used for a wide variety of situations?

Tarot cards can be used as manifesting tools, psychological aides, and can even be given as offerings to certain deities.

These cards are a wonderful multi-purpose tool.  In this post I’d like to take a moment to to talk about how the tarot deck can be used to communicate with spirit guides and guardian angels.

This particular method is great for those already familiar with their guides as well as those who don’t necessarily need to know the identities of our guides.  This isn’t the best approach for finding out the name of a particular guide or angel.  If anything, it gives us the feeling of having a one-on-one conversion with our spirit team.

Personally speaking, this method gives me a feeling of connection and spiritual intimacy that I think everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

Let’s begin with a few easy steps:

Cleanse and protect your space

First and foremost, we need to address the fact that any time we deal with spirit communication, we open ourselves up to any lingering being or entity in the general vicinity. To make sure that we don’t have any kind of spiritual interference during our reading, we need to cleanse our space and protect ourselves.

For this step, you can smudge your surroundings with white sage, palo santo, or Nag Champa incense. While letting the smoke waft around your space, verbally speak the intention “I cleanse and clear this space of negative energy, discordant thought forms, and low vibrational beings” you may repeat this phrase like a mantra while visualizing the clearing of your space.

You may also want to have some form of energetic protection. This can be as simple as holding a black tourmaline or smoky quartz stone, placing an orgonite pyramid on the table where you will be doing your work, or spraying Florida water on yourself.

As a final step, make sure to smudge your cards as well.

Spirit guides tarot

Set your Intention

It’s very important that we set an intention before doing any sort of spirit communication. Some things you might want to establish beforehand are:

  • Which one of my guides do I want to talk to? In other words, decide whether you want to contact an ancestral guide, a guardian angel, an ascended master, or whoever else is in your spiritual court.
  • Do I want to speak to my guides as a group?
  • What situation do I need the most guidance?

Along with these questions, make sure to have a pen and paper handy to record information during your reading.

Connect to the Spirit realm

Once your intentions have been set, take some time to calm your mind. Sit for a moment and take in a 6 second inhale followed by a 6 second exhale. Follow this breathing technique for a few moments until you feel yourself enter a relaxed mindset. This particular breathing technique can even be used to enter a trance state, but it’s not entirely necessary to do this for a reading.

Next, visualize a beam of light coming out of your crown chakra and connecting to a luminous ball of light roughly a foot above your head. Although we all have 7 major chakras, there are also upper chakras that are useful for more high vibration activity. By connecting to this “ball of light” you will be connecting to the 8th upper chakra which is excellent for spirit communication and higher awareness activity.

When you feel you’ve made a proper connection to your upper chakra, say: “I am connecting with my spirit guides and angels. I invite you to relay your messages through me using the tarot as a communication tool.”

Begin communicating

Start shuffling your cards while thinking about the questions you have for your guides. During this time, make sure not to let your thoughts wander in any way. As you shuffle, you want to think about your intentions in a focused manner in order to get your message across to your spirit team.

Once you feel that the deck is properly shuffled (you’ll know this intuitively) a simple and easy way to get answers to a “yes” or “no” question is to divide the deck into 3 stacks.  State your question out loud such as:

“guides and angels, should I accept that new job proposal?”

After asking your question, pick a card from one of the stacks. It’s best to choose a card from one of the stacks that calls your attention, many times one will simply give you what I call an “intuitive pull.” If you’re not feeling anything special about any of the cards, use a pendulum to decide which stack to draw from.

Once you’ve chosen a card, analyze the meaning, but also pay close attention to any numbers, colors, and symbols on the card. If the card has a negative undertone to it, the answer is most likely a “no” and of course, if it’s positive, the answer is “yes.”

If the answer is not clear, in other words, let’s say your question about taking on a new job brought the answer “yes” but you feel nervous about taking on more responsibility, you can ask your guides for more insight and draw three more cards.  These cards should provide more detail behind your guide’s answer.

The 4 Card Conversation Starter

This method is great for getting to know a spirit guide one-on-one. Let’s pretend that a native American spirit or an archangel have been visiting you in your dreams and they’ve let you know that they are your guide. You can get to know them by asking a question, shuffling your deck, and pulling out 4 cards.

Some good questions to ask are:

  • Why did you choose to be my guide?
  • What area of my life are you in charge of (health/relationships/family/career etc.)
  • What message are you trying to give me at this time?
  • What situations or people should I be avoiding at this time?

This approach provides more detailed answers to our questions. Whenever I do this type of reading,  I get the sensation that my question is answered through a short story.  It’s a bit more personal and it provides far more detail than a simple yes or no reading.

Use a Simple Past, Present, and Future Spread for Greater Insight

When I communicate with my guides, I prefer to get insight from them about the different phases about a particular situation,

If I’m ever confused about how a situation came to be and how it will develop, I use this particular spread. While shuffling the deck, I think about the situation I’m concerned about and once I intuitively feel that the deck is ready, I draw 9 cards. This would mean you would have 3 cards for the past, 3 for the present, and 3 for the future.

Final Tips

  • If a card or two jump out of your deck while shuffling, take this as a sign that your guides are choosing those specific cards for the reading. Whatever you do, do not put them back in your deck and continue shuffling.
  • Be attentive to your surroundings during the reading. Sometimes your angels and guides can make their presence known in other ways. If this happens, do not be afraid – know that they are simply trying to give you confirmation of their presence.
  • Always thank your guides once you’ve finished your reading. Gratitude goes a long way!
  • When you’re finished, properly close your session. Speak out the intention that the session is closed and let your guides know that they can return to the spirit realm. Many people like to clap, open and close doors (to symbolize the door to the spirit realm closing), turn on the lights, play music, and ground. Always do what’s feels right to you, but never forget to state your intention and say goodbye to your guides.

I hope that these simple methods assist you in communicating with your guides. I personally feel that a reading from my guides is far more accurate than a simple tarot reading.  Remember that you can also use these methods to help friends or clients communicate with their guides as well!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment’s section below!


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