Sagittarius: Horoscope for the Week of September 23, 2018

Please read for your sun sign and your rising sign (check out How to Read Your Birth Chart for info on finding out your rising sign).



You’re navigating the crossfire between the change you want to see in the world versus meeting personal needs, sexual tensions run amok, and how to manage or even overhaul your daily affairs amidst it all.

Visualize your birthday goal now and strategize your way backwards till you have an actionable to-do list. As you complete each item, add it to a to-done list. Let crystal clear accountability be your North Star. It’s an excellent week to present your visionary work to the world.

Do some intuitive home decor, keep all outbound communications understated and direct, and ground yourself in your creative practice of choice. Blow off steam by injecting your everyday routines with some lighthearted eroticism and sensuality.


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