How to Become an Astrologer: An Autobiography of a Modern Mystic

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How to become an AstrologerAstrology took over my life when I moved to San Francisco, California. I had always been into horoscopes and mysticism, but being repeatedly asked my sun, moon, and rising signs immediately upon my landing in  the West Coast – as casually as being asked what I did, or where I was from – sharpened my interest into an obsession.

Today, I’m an astrologer here at Dreaming Souls, where you can find my educational astrology posts and weekly horoscopes. I also write about witchcraft, astrology, palmistry, and glamour magic at my own blog, Babe Magic.

When my editor here asked me to write a post introducing myself, I decided to tell my story through a question that had been locked in my subconscious for the last several years: How does one go from being an astrology enthusiast to full-fledged professional? Here’s the story of how I did it – gradually, with plenty of divine guidance, and completely by accident.

  1. Start where you are – with your own birth chart.

It’s one thing to read your sun sign horoscope religiously – it’s another thing entirely to learn how to read an astrology chart. I actually didn’t even feel like the quintuple-Sagittarius I am until a couple years ago. Weren’t Sagittarians the epitome of carpe diem and joie de vivre? Where was the optimistic, freedom-loving adventurer I kept reading about?

As I learned the nuances of my chart, I grew to appreciate its depth and specificity. Yes, I have a massive Sagittarius stellium. I also have a 12th house sun, Saturn rising, and Mercury in Scorpio that might explain my solitary, brooding, anxious, sometimes world-weary side that dominated my personality throughout my childhood into my twenties.

It turns out confidence is a matter of growing into all of who you really are. Thank you, Saturn Return.

In 2011, I packed up my life in Baltimore and road-tripped to California in a 1980’s VW bus with a man I had known for a few weeks, became a flight attendant, and read my birth chart for the first time. Then his chart, then my best friend’s chart. Soon I had made charts for everyone in my life – which I still refer to and continue to unravel.

If you’re brand new to astrology, just start reading everything and follow your intuition. Pay to have your own chart read by different people. Look at your relationships and major events in your life and learn how to read transits. There is an infinite amount of astrology information available to you. Start with studying its role in your own life and have fun.

  1. Now you’re obsessed. Stop trying to hide it.

Fast-forward to 2015. I had just ended a relationship of four years, quit my stable office job, and enrolled in beauty school. I was checking my transits daily and had a few favorite astrologers whose horoscopes and readings I referenced constantly. It was one of the hardest periods of my life – trying to live, work, and go to school as a newly single woman in San Francisco during the peak of the housing crisis. In retrospect, astrology was really a lifeline.

I had a roster of birth charts for my friends and family members saved for quick reference. I regularly paid for astrology consultations, had astrology newsletter subscriptions (which I still read), and was constantly sending unsolicited astrology advice to my closest friends. I made charts for the people I “casually” dated, as soon as I could “casually” find out their birth time.

When I started working as a hairstylist, I of course found myself talking to clients about astrology, palmistry, and tarot and even letting their rising and Venus signs influence my style recommendations.

Leos basically always need to be bigger and blonder. I simply won’t give someone a dramatic change during Venus Retrograde. It would be unethical. I’ve talked so many clients through their first reading of their birth charts that Astrodienst should probably just hire me.

It turns out if you’re meant to be an astrologer, you will naturally find yourself immersed in it. It is absolutely a culture and lifestyle as much as it is a practice. Now I’m the one bringing up sun, moon, and rising signs as small talk. Who cares? It’s more interesting than asking what you do for work. To me anyway. Unless you’re an astrologer.

  1. When opportunity strikes, take it. Even if you don’t think you’re ready.

At the beginning of 2018, my partner and I decided, like the Sagittarius suns and risings we both are, to move to Bali and figure out how to make a living on the internet. As much as I love doing hair and will continue to do so part-time, the reality is it’s a physically demanding job with a natural expiration date. I needed to figure out my long game.

I decided to focus on expanding my beauty blog, which I had set up as a way to educate my clients on hair and skin care. I also took on freelance writing jobs to support myself as my blog grew.

And meanwhile I was feeling increasingly called to share my esoteric gifts – primarily palmistry, which I’ve practiced since childhood, as well as astrology and tarot. I impulsively offered free astrology readings on Twitter, a week before the July 27 Blood Moon Eclipse, with the intention to officially begin my journey as a freelance mystic within the year. It took less than a week.

That same day, I exchanged emails with the editor at Dreaming Souls for the first time. She was seeking an astrology writer, and we hit it off. I delivered my first astrology post, as well as the Eclipse readings, a few days later – the day before the eclipse.

She loved my writing. My astrology clients loved their readings. It was a major confirmation. I’ve been writing for Dreaming Souls since then and officially launched my astrology and palmistry reading services this month.

I completely did not expect to start working professionally, for actual money, with willing clients, as an astrologer this year. If you had told me before it happened that it was about to happen, I wouHow to become an Astrologerld have told you that I wasn’t ready. I still have so much to learn – I haven’t even figured out how to calculate the ascendant yet!

The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “ready” to do anything that you feel called to do. When you really want something, of course it’s going to stir up your fears and insecurities, because it feels like you have something to lose.

This loss is an illusion. You can’t lose who you really are. What you really want is not only valid, it’s the real you, and it’s the whole point. Your desires are the roadmap to manifesting the vision of your higher self, and all you have to do is honor them. Not society and your ego mind’s “analysis” of whether you’re ready.

So whether you want to be an astrologer or a witch – or whatever else and you’re just reading my bio for the hell of it – here’s your cue. It is so empowering to acknowledge the vision for who you want to be and taking the risk of becoming exactly that. Take the risk! I may not have expected to be an astrologer today, but I am delighted, grateful, completely unsurprised in retrospect, and I have no idea what’s coming next. I’m winging it! Like a typical Sagittarius.



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    Your bio is inspiring! You have found yourself and your divine purpose and joy! That’s great for you and the universal collective. I am also in the process of taking a leap of faith in changing professions, from traditional social work into life and wellness coaching. I have seen you come up several times on various media sources, now I know why. I am an astrology “junkie” also. I am currently looking more into the Vedic Astrology system and the Asteroid Goddesses and their influence on us. Thanks for being open and you! In Love, Light, Energy, Joy and Oneness.


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