Top 5 Ways To Manifest Your Reality

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Those of us who astral project or have had out of body experiences have most likely noticed that the universe works in a very particular way. By this I mean that when we leave our physical bodies, we experience a phenomenon where our thoughts have an immediate influence on our surroundings.

While traveling outside of our bodies, simply thinking about a location will take us there. Feeling emotions such as excitement or wonder will automatically distort your reality to make it more pleasing. On the other hand, getting swept away by fear will make your experience extremely unpleasant too.

The reason why I bring up the topic of astral projection is because the same laws that apply to us when we’re flying around in spirit form, affect us when we’re in our physical bodies. The only difference is that our third dimensional laws and concepts of linear time tend to delay things a bit more.

There is a universal law of “like attracts like.” Some people may refer to it as “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret” but for the sake of this article, I will avoid these popularized terms and simply refer to it as “The Universal law.”

The Universal Law is the reason why we experience both positive and negative situations in our lives. Don’t be fooled into believing that this is a magical concept based off of superstition. The well known Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto has proven that negative and positive emotions can influence the structure of water molecules. The Quantum Double Slit Experiment and Princeton’s Intention and Desire Experiment are two very fascinating experiments you can look into if you’re interested in the science behind this law.

Try This Simple Exercise

Setting aside the technicalities behind this law, I’d like you to do a simple exercise. In order to prove to yourself that your thoughts influence your reality try this simple activity for one week:

  • For 7 days, set aside 15 minutes of your day to do a simple visualization exercise.
  • During this daily exercise, think about something that you don’t see on a daily basis, preferably something that will have a neutral effect on your reality.
  • Let’s say we work with the image of a clown. What you want to do is set aside some time to meditate and visualize a clown. Picture how the he is dressed as specifically as possible and visualize the color of his wig and outfit. Imagine him to the the best of your ability and fully establish the image in your mind.
  • You can even imagine the clown out in public doing mundane activities. Feel free to get creative, but the point here is that you do this visualization every day.
  • After each visualization, go about your day and try not to think too much about clowns. Focus on your usual routine and continue with your daily tasks as usual.

After a few days, don’t be surprised if you start seeing social media posts advertising children’s parties (with clowns),  movies on television with a clown theme, or if you suddenly see a clown handing out fliers at your neighborhood supermarket don’t be startled and think you’ve attained magical powers. Instead, realize that you’ve always had the ability and you’re simply reclaiming it.

In a nutshell, we attract situations, people, and opportunities simply by directing our energy to them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this can also go against us because even our negative thoughts have the same exact influence on your reality.

If you want to manifest a specific situation into your life, read on and I will provide you with some simple techniques to manifest the reality you most desire.

Visualization and Setting Intentions

To begin manifesting something into your reality, we first need to visualize it in our minds as clearly and as detailed as possible. If you want to find a new job, ask yourself: what does this job look like? What will my boss be like? How much will I get paid?  What will my schedule look like?  etc.

Detail is what’s key here. Visualize every single thing you want in a new job – in the most exact manner possible.

Finally, set your intention, always in the present tense and never using negative words like “don’t” “won’t” or “no.”

For example, you can set the intention “I am working at a low stress job where I earn ____ a month, my relationship with my boss is excellent, my co-workers and I have great chemistry, all my needs are met and money is in abundance. I have this job now.

As previously mentioned, you want to do this exercise on a daily basis for a few minutes at a time. Many people even do it once in the morning upon waking and again at night before going to sleep. I often find that it’s extra effective to do it before bed because many of us tend to manifest things better in dream time.

The Magic Cord

This particular method makes use of a string or cord as a manifesting tool. I would recommend using a cord that is blue (signifying change) for the best results. Make sure to start this exercise on a week coinciding with the full moon.

Each day sit in silence for about 15-20 minutes and begin visualizing what you want to attract into your life. Just like in the previous exercise imagine what you’re trying to manifest in the greatest detail possible. Once you’ve fully visualized the situation, tie a knot on the cord. Hold the knot between your fingers and begin chanting your intention. Remember to make your statement in the present tense.

When using this particular method, I usually chant my intention 7 times, but you can chant it for the amount of times that best resonates with you.

On the final day (you should have 7 knots at this point ) go outside and burn the cord under the light of the full moon.

The Journal Method

This method is great for those of us who have a diary or journal. It’s a very simple method that involves writing your usual daily entry, but at the end write your intention as if you’ve already manifested it into your life. Using the previous example about getting a new job, you can write your intention in the following structure “Today I got hired at a new company, the boss is____, my co-workers are friendly and nice, my new salary is _____ and I am very happy to be starting this new chapter in my life.”

Mala Beads
Mala Necklace

The Mala Bead Method

Mala beads are usually used in Buddhist practice to count mantras during meditation, but they are also excellent for manifesting.

Begin by writing out your intention and then meditate on the situation while repeating your intention like a mantra. Make sure to count one Mala bead for each time you state your intention. Most Malas have up to 108 beads, but you can stop halfway through the chain of beads if 108 repetitions seems like too much.

Remember to visualize your statement becoming a reality as you repeat your mantra. I would also personally recommend doing this right before bed and once you’ve finished chanting, place the Mala beads under your pillow so that the energy integrates into you during dream time.

Trick your Brain

This is a more advanced method that doesn’t rely on the use of any tools. It’s something that those who have more trust in the Universal Law tend to use on a regular basis. All that it involves is tricking your brain into thinking that you have already manifested what you wanted by “piggy backing” on certain emotions.

Let’s say you’re watching a movie and a particular scene makes you feel happy, excited, or joyful. As soon as these emotions come up, imagine that what you’re trying to manifest has already happened. What we’re doing here is tricking our brain into believing that we’ve accomplished something so that the universe response to it in our favor.

Let’s also assume that you ordered a pizza and the doorbell rings. If you suddenly feel a surge of happiness or excitement, “hitch hike” that emotion and repeat your personal intention.

Get creative with your visualizations and intentions and remember that the strongest emotions tend to send a stronger ripple effect out into the universe.

On a final note, I’d like to mention a few things about manifesting. We always want to state our intentions in present tense because linear time is only relevant in our physical reality. In other words, the universe often interprets the past, present, and future as something that happens simultaneously so, please avoid making any statements using words like “will” and “going to.”

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that making statements like “I am not getting into conflict” will only attract more conflict. The universe does not understand the concept of negatives, so if we want to avoid something, we have to focus on what we want more than what we don’t want. A statement like “I am not getting into conflict” can be turned into “I am avoiding conflict” or simply “My reality is peaceful and conflict free at all times.”

Having a positive attitude and being fully convinced that you have the power to influence your reality is what will make your manifesting abilities much stronger. Do not fall into states of negativity, hopelessness, and doubt because this will completely counteract your work.

The final thing to keep is mind is that gratitude is a magical thing. After successfully manifesting something, always make sure to thank the universe. Being grateful will always attract more of what you want and it’s a “cheat code” of sorts which will bring abundance your way.


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