Do essential oils raise your vibration?

essential oils

Being native to southern California, when I hear the word “vibrations” I immediately think earthquake! After living here my whole life, I do not know many others who don’t think that way. But the other day I heard the word vibration in a totally different context.

I covertly eavesdropped on a conversation of some women sitting next to me at a coffee shop. They were talking about raising your vibrations with essential oils. Now, we have all heard of essential oils, but raising your vibrations? I hadn’t the slightest clue of what they were talking about. So of course, like any other person with a smart phone, I looked it up.

So here is what I learned: Vibrations, in non earthquake terms, means the energy we give off. For example, it’s not even light outside yet and you have to pee so bad that you run in the bathroom and end up falling in because your significant other left the seat up, AGAIN! Needless to say, you are pissed. And any significant other, who is smart, will know it just by the energy you give off. Makes sense to me.

Further research into the subject led me to this site: Dharmaceuticals

I was amazed to see all of the different essential oils that can help you with things like your aura, clarity and emotional cleansing. I mean who doesn’t need an emotional cleansing every once in a while, right? Using essential oils for aromatherapy can trigger memories and are said to be able to unlock the unused parts of our brains. Perhaps we all have some hidden knowledge or talent we didn’t know about. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

The whole subject has me intrigued. Now to decide what to try first. I’m thinking the “Remember” Essential Oil. Maybe then I’ll remember where I left my sanity…



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